How to Use CBD Oil?

CBD oil seems to be one of the most promising discoveries of the scientific community in the past decades. Even if this substance has been around for centuries, it only recently got the attention of scientists who declare themselves intrigued by its high number of medical properties.

CBD is obtained from the industrial hemp plant, more precisely, by cold pressing the seeds and stalks. This is only one of the 85 different types of cannabinoids living together in this plant. Usually, the plants are cultivated in certain countries from Europe where hemp plantations are not considered illegal. There are special farms which grow organic hemp plants and ships them into the USA where they are processed in FDA approved labs. This means the raw material is high quality and the final product is created respecting strict safety rules.

Most manufacturers are proud to announce they make their products into FDA approved labs, but this organization didn’t approve the use of CBD as a dietary supplement yet. For this to happen the FDA requires more studies to be conducted, so the way CBD works is fully understood.

CBD’s popularity took off due to intensive media coverage and many manufacturers with more or less honest intentions present on the market a wide variety of products based on CBD oil. In order to choose the right one for its needs, one must learn what CBD is, how it works, what are its health benefits and how to take it.


Both CBD and THC are part of the cannabinoids family, and they bring similar benefits for the users. The most important source for CBD is hemp while THC is mostly found in cannabis. The two plants are related, but the cannabinoids which dominate their chemical formula have one major distinction, the psychoactive effect. THC is the active substance which generates the particular high feeling, which makes it illegal in many countries. On the other hand, CBD doesn’t have psychoactive effects, and it can be legally sold in many areas.

The CBD oil contains more than just CBD. There are other cannabinoids included in the formula with the purpose to increase its benefits, a process known as the entourage effect. There are special types of hemp which contain higher amounts of CBD, and they are favorite for obtaining the oil. When buying CBD oil, you must avoid the products purchased with the help of harsh solvents like butane because they contaminate the final product. One of the safest methods of extracting CBD oil requires high-pressure CO2 and low temperatures. This technology is quite expensive, but it ensures a low risk of contamination of the oil. Depending on the intended use of the CBD oil, some manufacturers also use coconut oil or ethanol for the extraction process.

CBD oil is presented in a wide variety of forms and concentrations so it can better suit one’s needs for improving a certain health condition. CBD oil can be ingested directly in its pure form or taken regularly as pills or capsules. It can be added to drinks and foods in order to hide the specific taste of a dietary supplement. More and more companies offer pre-made dispensers which make it easier to keep track of the dosage, especially for new users.

Forms of CBD oil and specific uses

Before deciding to follow a treatment based on CBD oil you must educate yourself regarding its benefits and how to take it correctly so you can get the best results possible. Remember that no two individuals are alike and if CBD administered in a certain form and a certain dosage does wonder for someone it doesn’t necessarily mean that someone else will get the same results. The manufacturers recommend a serving size specifically for their own products, but since CBD is not accepted as a dietary supplement by the FDA, there is no daily recommended dosage established yet. You must decide for yourself how much you need to take to get the best results. And each person can achieve this only by experimenting. This means that you should start with small doses and increase them gradually until you get the result you wish for.

CBD oil can improve many health conditions, but in order to trigger a specific one, manufacturers created different forms of presentation with various concentrations: oils, tinctures, creams, lotions,  spray, vaporizers, ointments, shampoos, topicals and so on. Each one of these products has specific instructions on how to use in order to obtain maximum effect. Also, the dosage is different for each and different diagnoses. Regardless the form you choose, each product has simple, yet specific instructions for usage.


This is one of the most versatilcbd-tincturee and concentrated forms of CBD, but at the same time, they represent the perfect choice for those who just decided to try CBD. One of the advantage tinctures have over other forms of CBD is the taste. Tinctures come in a variety of tastes like sweet, minty, fruity, fresh or unflavored, so they make the experience that much more enjoyable. Usually, they come with a special dropper which helps you keep control over the dosage. CBD tinctures are very simple to use regardless your experience with other similar products. It can be ingested directly by placing a few drops on your tongue with the help of the dropper. If you feel like you don’t enjoy the taste you can hide it by adding those drops of CBD oil into your favorite drink. The tincture can be bought or homemade depending on what the users consider more convenient. This is a very discreet option for those who need to divide the dose throughout the day.

Topical Ointments

Those who prefer to use it as a treatment for pain can choose creams, lotions or blams with CBD oil. Topicals are very useful for people diagnosed with arthritic joint pain or muscle aches due to their anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. They are easy to use, and you can target only the sore area.  All you need to do is rub the product on that particular part of the body which gives you problems and within a few seconds, you will feel the pain dimish because CBD oil is absorbed into the body through the skin.

E-liquids and Vape

E-cigarettes are becoming a bigger trend by the day so replacing the nasty classic smoking with a vaporizer which uses CBD oil is a smart and healthy decision. E-liquids and vapes are as simple to use as any other liquid created for electronic cigarettes. It is important to use a vape pen instead of the typical e-cigarette because high temperatures destroy the CBD.  Vaporizing is one of the fastest and most efficient ways of taking CBD. One can choose a reusable vaporizer and fill it whenever necessary like any other electronic cigarette or buy disposable pens which are more convenient and easy to use. Disposable pens can last for up to 200 puffs and are a good option for those still undecided to invest in a refillable vape pen.

CBD Sublingual Spray

Some CBD tinctures are presented as sprays, and they are available at different concentrations so you can choose the adequate option to your needs. Anyone can use them as they only must be sprayed under the tongue. Hold on for up to five seconds, and then you can swallow. Some CBD sprays also contain THC so you must be careful what you buy. They are also a discreet option and easy to carry around for those who intend to use CBD as a treatment for various problems.

CBD Pills

This is one of the msuper-CBD-pills-reviewed-207x99ost popular options for people who try to include CBD as a dietary supplement into their daily routine. Pills also contain CBD in various concentrations and one must follow the instructions on the label when taking them.  Most manufacturers recommend taking one pill of CBD oil per day if the concentration is high. For those products with lower CBD concentration, there is the need to take two pills or capsules.

Regardless the brand of CBD oil you choose, if it has a liquid form of oil, tincture or spray, there are three essential steps to take in order to consume it correctly. First, you must shake it well. It is a natural process for oil to separate when standing still. Usually, CBD oil is kept in the dark bottles to keep out the light which could alter its shelf life. If you look carefully, you can see that the oil tends to settle on the bottom. If you shake the bottle, the compounds will blend again. This step is essential to consume all the ingredients with each taken dose. Then, place a few drops or puffs under the tongue and hold it as much as you can. It is recommended to keep the CBD oil in your mouth for more than 60 seconds before the swallow. Some CBD oils have tasty flavors which aim to make this step easier. If you find the taste unbearable, you could hide it in your favorite drink to mask the taste. Finally, you can repeat the process if you feel necessary.

CBD Oil  – Different Dosages for Each Individual

More and more people are interested in trying out a treatment based on cannabinoids, but the majority of doctors prove reluctant in prescribing them, mainly because there are no standard dosages established yet. Medical schools don’t cover this subject in the pharmacology courses because it’s a fairly new subject and scientists are currently trying to establish the dosing schedules for CBD and THC.

As mentioned above, CBD oil is available in many concentrations and forms. This means that the dosage for each of them is different. The following information represents a standard guideline, and you must personalize your treatment. Each person is different, and as a result, CBD oil doesn’t have the same influence on everyone. In addition to this, the same type of product comes in various concentrations if produced by different manufacturers. For some products, the recommended serving is quite high, while for others is very low. Due to this lack of unity regarding CBD oil products, a COR serving standard was created by and the rule is quite simple. The recommended beginner daily dose is 25 mg of CBD taken twice. Every two or three weeks the dosage could be increased by 25 mg. Keep increasing the dosage until the symptoms of your health problem start to diminish. Try to take a break from the product after a while because even if CBD is a natural substance, its possible side effects are not completely discovered by scientists. Be careful what product you chose, especially if you are a new user. The concentrations of CBD oil product start with only one mg of CBD and go up to hundreds of milligrams.

Another essential factor which influences the daily dosage and the length of the CBD is the diagnoses:

  • Patients with cancer who need to increase the appetite should take by mouth 1 mg of CBD combined with 2,5 mg of THC for one month and a half at most.
  • People suffering from chronic pain might notice an improvement of their condition if they ingest between 2,5 and 20 mg of CBD on a daily basis while the dosage must be adjusted to each user
  • Individuals suffering from Huntington’s disease reported an improvement of the movement problems if during six weeks they ingested daily 10 mg of CBD from each kilogram of their weight
  • Insomnia and other sleep disorders might become just a bad memory with daily doses ranging from 40 to 160 mg of CBD according to the severity of the problems
  • Schizophrenia is recommended to be treated with doses that start with 40 mg of CBD and which could go as high as 1280 mg of CBD taken daily by mouth but for one month tops.
  • Those who suffer from glaucoma should be careful with their dosages because 20 to 40 mg of CBD oil per day can improve the symptoms, but more than 40 mg could make things worse by increasing the blood pressure in the eye
  • Symptoms of multiple sclerosis could become less severe with a combination of CBD and THC delivered in daily doses which range from 2,5 mg and 120 mg for 15 weeks at most.
  • Epilepsy could be treated with dosages of 200 to 300 mg of CBD oil for no longer than 18 weeks

Medical studies conducted so far, and there are thousands of them, couldn’t establish a lethal dose of CBD. It is recommended for users to carefully read the label of the product and respect the instructions.

Some tips for finding out the right CBD dosage for each

If you are a new user of CBD things might look somehow confusing at first. How can anyone establish the right dose? There are so many factors which can change the results that it becomes intimidating for an inexperienced person. Diagnoses, age, medical history, the severity of the medical problem are just some of the details one must consider before starting treatment with CBD oil. What works for a person doesn’t necessarily have to work on another as well. To obtain the benefits CBD oil can bring there are three things to consider.

  • Start by taking small dosages – Any new supplement should be taken in small doses at first because nobody is sure on how the body is going to react when new substances start working. There are no two people alike so the reactions could be good or bad. It is important for the body to get the chance to adjust to the changes CBD oil generates in different processes which occur before increasing the dosage
  • Size does matter – A general rule says that larger people need larger doses of the same product than small people in order to see the same results. Luckily the majority of CBD oil supplements allow each user to personalize the dosage as he considers It is easy to increase the dosage once the body gets used to the main active ingredient and the benefits start fading away.
  • Ask for professional opinion – No matter how many natural ingredients one supplement has, there is always a higher or lower risk of side effects. CBD oil is one of the safest substances which could be part of the dietary supplements world. It doesn’t kill you, but CBD can make things worse for those who suffer from various medical conditions. If you are aware of any health problems and you already take medications to keep things under control, you must talk to your physician and get its approval before using it because CBD can prevent the enzymes from the liver to process the drugs you already take.

What is CBD and what does it do for health?

CBD is usually obtained by cold pressing the seeds of hemp plant without including the leaves in the mix. Considering that cannabis plant was regarded as a drug for many decades, its medical properties only recently caught the attention of the scientific and medical community. Studies revealed and confirmed many benefits that the extract from this plant has on the human body, but there is still the need for further researches. Nevertheless, this aspect doesn’t diminish the health value of CBD. The oil obtained from hemp contains many other healthy substances like vitamins, amino acids, and omega 3 fatty acids. Some nutritionists and scientists agree to include hemp oil into the ‘superfood’ category due to its nutritional values. More than 40% of its compounds are oils, and the overwhelming majority of these oils is EFA (essential fatty oils). Omega 6 or Linoleic Acid represents 55% of the EFA’s in hemp oil, followed by Omega 3 or Alpha Linoleic Acis with 22%. Gamma Linoleic Acid and Stearidonic Acid are each found in approximately 4%.

The two Omega are essential for the health due to their properties. They support the heart to pump oxygen to all the organs and fight to reduce the systemic inflammation. The brain also needs these acids to prevent cognitive degeneration. Omega 3 is essential for helping the organs function properly and keeping the metabolism within optimum levels. Omega 6 supports the immune system, fights allergies and ensures high energy levels. By supplementing on Omega 6, one supports the body in recovering faster from fatigue. Although these two fatty acids bring significant benefits for health, in high quantities they might cause damage. It is believed that the ideal ratio between these two is 3:1 for Omega 6 and this perfect balance is found in hemp oil.

Many medical studies which tried to understand the way CBD works revealed that our bodies are naturally equipped to process CBD. Not many people know that we have a so-called endocannabinoid system formed of CB 1 and CB 2 receptors strategically placed throughout the body. They interact with CBD and create biological processes in order to reduce inflammation, create relaxation, increase appetite or improve sleep.

Benefits Scientists Attribute to CBD Oil

  • Pain relief – when interacting with the special receptors in the body CBD can decrease the intensity level of convulsions and seizures, suppress muscle spasms and contain the sensation of nausea and vomiting.
  • Management of blood sugar levels and weight – these two health conditions are connected, and during studies, it was noticed that CBD has the potential to maintain the sugar level in the bloodstream under control and suppresses the sensation of hunger. CBD can become a treatment for people diagnosed with diabetes and help them regain control over their bodies.
  • Fights insomnia – nutrients from CBD oil are rapidly absorbed into the system and generate a state of well-being and relaxation throughout the body. People dealing with insomnia could experience better sleep during night because both muscles and brain are soothed and relaxed
  • Increase the energy – after a good night sleep, of course, you are more productive at work for longer time. Once CBD gets to the CB 1 and CB 2 receptors in the body respond and it becomes more alert. CBD not only relaxes you, but it also improves mental functions

The most important conclusion of all the studies so far is that they agree there are almost no side effects. This finding can revolutionize the industry of nutritional supplements. Nowadays, most dietary products available for purchase have a list of more or less dangerous side effects. If further studies prove this information to be right, CBD might become the best base for creating dietary supplements which can improve a large number of health conditions.((

Side Effects of CBD Oil

The risk for experiencing side effects from using CBD Oil is almost zero as CBD is a naturally occurring substance in hemp and the final product, regardless its brand, presentation form or concentration, contains very small to almost untraceable quantities of THC, the substance responsible for generating euphoria.

Still, one might experience mild unpleasant reactions to CBD. If you are a new user, you could expect to feel a little sleepy and drowsy. As a result, this oil might interfere with the ability to drive or stay focused at work. It goes without saying, and most manufacturers recommend that before starting any treatment with dietary supplements, one should consult with a doctor. CBD reduces the liver’s ability to process drugs, so if you are following medical treatment, it is important to check its reaction on interfering with CBD.

Since the complete list of benefits and side effects of CBD on the human body is not final yet, the label of most CBD oil products warns breastfeeding and pregnant women not to take this substance. Also, it was proven that longtime smoking of marijuana has a negative neurological and behavioral impact along with acute pancreatitis, so this supplement is not recommended to be used without some breaks after several weeks.

Even if all the manufacturers proudly claim that CBD doesn’t generate side effects, it is important to talk to a doctor to assess your health condition before using. Some people might develop an allergic reaction or have a medical condition which could be aggravated by this substance.


CBD oil recently became the focal point of the medical community, so it still requires more testing to prove beyond any doubt its therapeutic properties. Even so, there are promising results regarding its wide range of health benefits, like anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective, antibacterial, antifungal, skin regenerative, blood thinner and so on. So far the list of potential side effects is short and it applies to a limited part of the population, especially to people with pre-existing health conditions. The reported side effects are mild, and in most cases, they don’t pose a threat to life. If included in the daily diet and consumed within the recommended dosage, CBD oil can improve the overall health, from skin and hair to hormonal balance and cardiovascular system.

CBD oil is safe to be used both internally as a supplement and externally as a topical treatment. It can help you relax, reduce different types of pain, increase energy, and improve the overall health. Manufacturers of CBD oil-based products tried to come on the market with various presentation forms and different concentrations of CBD so one can choose what suits more its needs. Even if it is a natural product with no additives, it is recommended to respect the daily dosage written on the label or the dosage prescribed by your doctor. For the moment there are only a few doctors who prescribe CBD as a treatment because most of them are not sure what is the right dose. Maybe in near future cannabinoids will be introduced as a study subject in the pharmacology course for medical school, but for the moment scientists still work on understanding this substance.

CBD oil was not approved by the FDA as a dietary supplement because it considers that this substance must be further tested before introduced officially on the market for large-scale consumption. All the studies conducted so far agree on the fact that consuming 2,5 mg of CBD oil per day, for two weeks, will not cause any harm to the users. Unfortunately, the majority of the products available for purchase contain higher amounts of CBD and the label also suggests long term use.((

The daily dosage of CBD varies from one individual to another, and it must be established along with a doctor. If only now you start using CBD the first step you should start with a lower dose so the body gets the chance to adjust the process. If everything is ok and no unpleasant symptoms appear you can gradually increase the dose every couple of weeks until you get the results you set before starting. The right dose for each person could be higher or lower than the guide says and it is influenced by personal factors.