How to Make CBD Oil at Home: DIY Cannabidiol

Nowadays everybody is familiar with the notion of “medical marijuana” or “CBD oil” or any other phrases related to this plant. The alternative medicinal market is filled with such products, consisting of more or fewer marijuana compounds. These are quite varied considering the broad range of usages that the cannabis plant can have.

So, we can choose from numerous products, such as oils, pills, softgels or even tinctures. Because the market seems to have somehow exploded once several countries through ought the entire world have legalized it and so also some quite doubtful products were brought forward. This is how people started to show a lot more interest in making their stuff, as the whole process itself is not that difficult to carry out.

If you are tired of spending large amounts of money on unknown and inefficient marijuana products, you can, at any moment, make your own. Just keep on reading so that you can learn more about this plant and the method through which you can create your cannabis oil. But first of all, let us have an overview image on what this plant is all about.

Over 100 cannabinoids in just one plant

The cannabis plant has been the center of many controversies because the government has done such a “great” job in hiding its actual health benefits. This is how dilemmas were born, and the real potential of the cannabis plant was mainly covered with the negative image of being a drug.

Indeed, many parts of the country are still banning this plant’s usage, but the exciting thing about it is that it can represent both a drug and a healing ally. Even the drug itself could represent an essential ally in going through chemotherapy, for instance, which we all can imagine how traumatizing it can get for the whole body.

So it is imperative to understand the huge difference between the drug and the inoffensive substance. For instance, did you know that there are several species of cannabis? Sativa, Indica…. Do these sound familiar to you? Each strain has different amounts of cannabinoids, some more active than others. The main cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant are THC and CBD, and the main difference between the two is the effects they give you once you administer them to the body.

In other words, you will most definitely get high if you use high THC products and you’ll never get any hallucinations or other such symptoms if you turn to oils, for instance, comprising high amounts of CBD. So do you get the point now? Even though some countries made it illegal, you can still use CBD oil because usually and fairly, such products should contain almost no THC… Either way, less than 0.3%, the legal admitted amount.

So how does CBD work within the body?

From the very first spoon of CBD oil, your body can already thank you for doing so. The working process is not hard to understand, and it goes somehow like this: CBD attaches itself on the cannabinoid receptors’ sites, which are located even within the cancerous cells. These get to sort of destroy themselves because the interaction between CBD and cannabinoid receptors determines an increase in the ceramide’s synthesis. Only cancerous cells make this compound, and so CBD proves itself to be extremely effective in restoring a healthy balance within the cellular activity. The same process is valid in what the active cannabis’ compounds is concerned, THC that is, but we are only going to talk about CBD, “the white swan”, so to say.

So now that you are somehow familiar with what this plant can do for your body, especially for diseased ones, you should also learn that CBD oil is considered to be a very effective therapy when no other traditional medication treatments seem to do the job. If you want to learn how to make your own CBD oil, just to be at peace with the thought that you are using a clean and honest product, keep on reading.

Choosing the right plant’s body

CBD oil can be easily made in the intimacy of your own home, but you need to know a few things before getting started. You should know that this whole making process requires some time and some money, but it is all worth it because you will know exactly what you are administering to your body.

Another essential aspect you should be aware of is precisely what cannabis strains you’re using. Therefore, when making CBD oil, it is best to go for the sativa strain, which is thought to comprise more of the nonpsychoactive cannabinoid. So do your homework before starting to play, ok? Spend that time and that money wisely, why don’t you?

Also, always remember to choose those organic cropped plants, which did not undergo any additives’ treatments.

How to make CBD oil?

Put some alcohol and cannabis buds in the freezer overnight so that the whole oil extracting process will be easier. The next morning take the cannabis buds which you’ll cover with the refrigerated alcohol until fully sunk.

Put the resulting mixture in the freezer for another whole hour. After this, mix it with a wooden spoon, but slowly so that you don’t break the cannabis buds. This rinsing process will be repeated, and afterward, you’ll have to boil the mixture, but in an open space, just for not inhaling any alcohol vapors. After the whole amount of alcohol is evaporated…voila! You have your own CBD oil. Keep in cool and dark areas, in jars or squirts. It is not that hard to do, right? Give it a try, and you will definitely not regret it!

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