Hempworkx Relief Icy Pain Rub Review – Does it Work?

In today’s modern world, the technological revolution has brought about the reinvention of the way we live and understand things as well as our perspective on the world around us. What was once thought to be impossible is no longer unreachable.

What is still the same though is the debilitating effect which pain has on our daily lives. Today, many of us are gravely affected by pain for a period of time at least a few times during our lifetime. Statistics from the Institute of Medicine say that more than 100 million people suffer under the effects of severe or acute pain only in the US with more than 50 million suffering from different forms of arthritis.

Some would even go as far as to say that chronic pain is the indiscriminate torturer which is affecting many hundreds of millions of people worldwide, every year. It is highly probable that either you or someone that you know or love, has suffered some form of acute or chronic pain over the past year. What is concerning is that about 20% of chronic pain cases are not successfully treated by over the counter medication, leaving an astounding number of people in pain and in a desperate search for a cure to alleviate their pain. Faced with these statistics, it is not surprising that following the discovery and introduction of CBD on the market, this natural, non-hallucinogenic and non-addictive hemp product with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect has been received with opened arms by the population, amassing a massive success.

CBD short for cannabinoid is an extract obtained from hemp, which is closely related to the controversial cannabis plant. CBD has been highly appreciated since it contains all the amazing benefits of the cannabis without causing any hallucinogenic effects and without having any addictive effects. CBD products are currently legal and available in tens of countries around the world, many of which in the US. In many of these states, while CBD has been declared as legal, marijuana use remains illegal.

Data shows the CBD has a positive effect when it comes to pain relief, reducing the adverse effects of rheumatism and arthritis, increasing appetite, treating PTSD, improving sleep quality, boosting the immune system, reducing epilepsy seizures, reducing chronic inflammation, anxiety. Mood disorders and even insomnia or degenerative diseases.

Over the past years numerous trials have been run, most of which have brought forth amazing CBD benefits which have prompted CBD to be added not only to many pharmaceutical industry products but also to the beauty products. It is estimated that the CBD industry has reached a groundbreaking … and is expected that the CBD cosmetic field to reach 2 billion by 2020 (only in the US), making CBD the controversial poster-child of the industry.

One thing is certain if you haven’t tried CBD products yet, now is certainly the time to start!

Why we should be using CBD

Over the years CBD has been extensively researched through various studies and received with open arms by the international community. Studies have shown that CBD has amazing proprieties which naturally inhibit pain by affecting certain cells of the nervous system called CB2 receptors, many of which are located in your brain. This means that CBD has a natural and potent effect in controlling diminishing or taking away the pain as well as inflammation.

CBD also has been proven to have positive effects on various other areas such as appetite, chronic pain, inflammation or the immune system. CBD has been proven to reduce the effects of debilitating diseases such as rheumatism and arthritis, all in a natural way. CBD has also been reported to be able to help manage PTSD. CBD has been proven to be able to reduce the incidence of epilepsy seizures and has been FDA approved for epilepsy treatments since June 2018.

CBD should not be confused with THC short for delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol. Even though obtained from the same plant, THC as both hallucinogenic and addictive effects. CBD has no hallucinogenic or addictive effects.

Take note that CBD used for those products are obtained from pure hemp and contain zero or less than 3% THC.

CBD products with less than 3% THC are also perfectly legal in the US as well as in 3 dozen other countries all around the world.

Over the past few years, CBD has shown extraordinary results what comes to pain relief. With hundreds of millions of people suffering from chronic pain all across the world, and many not responding well to over the counter treatment, CBD has been the cure many had been looking for. Due to its potent natural pain relief benefits and lack of known side effects, CBD has become a controversial star, a substance which has changed for the better the lives of millions around the world.

CBD – an amazing pain relief option

One of the most amazing effects of CBD is its painkilling effect. Its natural, potent pain-killing effects have been recognized worldwide and are an amazing alternative to the over the counter drug treatment especially for those who do not react well to classical treatment or have been suffering from prolonged, chronic acute pain

Everything you need to know about Hempworkx

If you are just starting to browse through the variety of CBD products you will see that even though fairly new as a pain relief alternative, the palette of CBD products is so extensive that it is extremely hard to make a definite choice.

The first thing you should keep in mind when trying to buy a CBD product is that it should be made from the best quality hemp. When buying a CBD product you should make sure that the product is as pure as possible and has under 3% THC concentration. The lab testing and the information about the product as well as its reviews need to show transparency and accuracy.

All these are valid reasons which made us stop our attention on the HempWorx products. Made of only the highest quality hemp which is locally grown in Kentucky following the strictest Kentucky agricultural guidelines, all the HempWorx products are pure, all natural alternative, you can safely opt for. Every product lists the lab testing on the site and every batch of the product is tested to ensure that high-quality standards are kept for all products which are being sent out to the customers.

Relief Icy Pain Rub – an amazing, natural pain relief ointment

The relief Icy pain rub from HempWorx is without a doubt one of our favorite products. Natural, yet potent, this cream is a comfortable solution which you can locally apply to any sore spot. Less invasive as a pill yet just as effective, the Relief icy Pain Rub by HempWorx has been designed for use on anything from sore muscles to painful joints.

It’s is 250 ml or relief and happiness in a bottle, all under a form of a pure and natural but effective product. Made out of the best quality hemp which has been carefully grown under the strictest guidelines out of the Kentucky Agricultural Institute, this is an amazing option.

You can use it for rheumatism, sore joints, and muscles, chronic pain etc. The application is easy, you simply open your bottle of Relief Icy Pain Rub and gently apply the cream on the sore spot and then gently rub until the cream has been absorbed, then go about your business. You can apply several times a day.

This product is 100% organic and has no toxic additives and is rumored to be the most powerful CBD cream on the market. The natural extracts and main components are available on the site of the producer. This 50 mg of the product will most likely bring a clear improvement in your life.

Another amazing aspect of Relief Icy Pain Rub is that it has no known secondary effects, fact which simply makes this product a great and safe product which you just have to try out.

Featured in a beautifully designed bottle, this effective natural pain relief ointment from Hempworx can be easily applied on the skin by a gesture as simple as rubbing the sore spot until the cream is absorbed. You can apply the cream multiple times a day.

To ensure that all their batches meet the highest guidelines and product quality expectations, HempWorx carefully tests all their products. In disparity with the strategy adopted by other big CBD producers, HempWorx seems to be truly orientated towards the customer. Samples of the test results are also made available on the product page to ensure that the client enjoys the highest possible transparency.

Reviews and Costs

The relief Icy pain rub cream from HempWorx is one of those products which you simply have to try. Smooth, pure and with a natural, potent pain relief propriety, this cream is an amazing alternative and a way to improve your daily life when faced with painful moments.

A bottle of Relief Icy Pain Rub by Hempworx cost approximately $69 plus shipping fees. If you buy now you might just be able to get into their most recent offer and get one Relief Icy Pain Rub bottle for free. This offer is only available for those who buy two Relief Icy Pain Rub bottles from the HempWorx site.

You might be interested to find out that Hempworx is providing their loyal customers with the best prices giving amazing combo price offers on all their combinations meaning that you can choose a variety of their products at special, reduced, combo prices:

  • $138 + shipping for 2 products on the site
  • $199 + shipping for 4 chosen products from their site ($77 savings)
  • $599 + shipping for 12 products (any products) from their site ($229 savings)

The product features good feedback, positive reviews and a reasonable price making it quite accessible for those in need of a new way to deal with anxiety, chronic pain, arthritis, rheumatism or even something as simple as sore muscles.