Elixinol Reviews: How Reliable are CBD Products from Elixiniol?

Elixinol is a CBD oil supplement producer which recently made an entrance on this market and it seems to be an option worth taking into consideration as CBD oil is one of the most important discoveries in the world of dietary supplements right now. This substance is extracted from industrial hemp, but it became so popular, in such a short time, that it took by surprise even the manufactures which tried to take advantage of this rising star and created new products with it. Nowadays you can see CBD oil mentioned as an ingredient on the label of a wide variety of products like dietary supplements, shampoos, creams, lotions, tinctures, vape oils, and the list goes on.

CBD oil is not exactly a discovery for the medical community. It actually had been discovered a few decades ago, and a substantial number of studies was already conducted in order to find out about its therapeutic properties and also possible side effects. So far the results are astonishing, and they reveal an impressive variety of health benefits and the best part is that there were almost no side effects discovered. The Food and Drug Association hasn’t accepted yet to include this substance on the official list of dietary supplements, and it requests more extensive studies before making a final decision. Regardless this detail, the majority of nutritional supplements manufacturers jumped at the opportunity to bring to the market their version of CBD products.

Competition is always good for the customer because companies compete on gaining trust by offering better products at the most affordable prices. Unlike the pharmaceutical industry, the world of dietary supplements is guided mostly by moral rules than legal ones. The manufacturers are not as strictly controlled as those who produce classic medication so they can advertise pretty much what they want and not without being held accountable if things are not real. The result of this situation isn’t always in the customer’s interest, not even its safety. The are countless options of dietary supplements which promise to help improve just as many medical conditions, and it is almost impossible to find the most suited one for each individual’s needs without proper guidance and lots of research. Some manufacturers are honest, and they invest a lot of time, energy, and money in creating truly helpful products, while others only think of their interest and their products are ineffective if not dangerous for the health.

When deciding to use a CBD oil supplement to improve any aspect of your health, it is important to find the one that ensures high-quality ingredients. A good starting point could be your doctor who knows your needs and medical history so he can guide you through the process of finding the best CBD supplement. If you would rather do your research, it is important to look further than the official website of the manufacturer.

What is Elixinol?

This is the name of an American company with one base in Colorado and another one in the UK, which a short while ago made an entrance on the market of dietary supplements, more precisely on the CBD oil products segment, with an extended portfolio. Elixinol is both the manufacturer and distributor of high-quality CBD oil capsules, tinctures and concentrates with prices above average which can go as high as to several hundreds of dollars.

One o the founders of this company is Paul Benhaim, a valuable name in the industry of hemp-based products for decades. His expertise in this field and his connections with various experts was used for creating premium quality products which ensure the users will get all of the health benefits CBD has to offer. His name brings a plus for the company’s reputation. The oil used in these products is extracted from a particular strain of industrial hemp, very rich in CBD. The way the plant was grown is just as meaningful as the plant itself, so only organically grown hemp from Nothern European regions is used as a source for the main active ingredient.

Another fundamental detail for the quality of the final product is the way CBD is extracted from the plant. The company tries to avoid as much as possible the risk of contamination with any harsh chemicals of the CBD oil, so it uses an extraction method based on pressurized CO2 which ensures that the vitamins, enzymes, and phytonutrients are not destroyed.

What Does Elixion Sell?

The company would rather sell a small range of products of exceptional quality each, than offer many options but with an inadequate quality. That is why the number of options provided by this company for CBD oil is not as vast as one might expect when comparing to other manufacturer’s range of products, but Elixinol guarantees that all of its products are high quality. The product portfolio includes the most requested forms of CBD oil: tinctures, capsules, balm, spray, drops, protein powder, pen, and even dog treats. The products can be purchased online from the official web store or various verified suppliers.

Elixinol CBD Capsules

Hemp-Oil-Capsules-cbdhempoilusa.com-250x305The capsules are one of the most popular forms of CBD oil supplements because they are easy to take and anyone can control the dosage. Elixinol CBD Capsules are available in two different proportions, 450 mg, and 900 mg at promotional prices of $44.99 and $79.99. The manufacturer takes pride with the fully natural formula of these capsules because the ingredients are quickly absorbed by the body so its effects will be felt shortly. Each capsule contains 375 mg of hemp oil and 15 mg of CBD, in addition to a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. The formula also includes vitamins, sugars, alkanes, alcohols, nitrogenous compounds, aldehydes, flavonoids, glycosides, amino acids, pigments ketones, and water. The 450 mg version has 30 capsules, while the 900 mg has double the amount.

The recommended dose of Elixinol CBD Capsules is one pill per day taken at about the same hour each time. The manufacturer also considers that these capsules are more efficient than their spray or tincture products.

Elixinol CBD Tinctures

elixinol-tinctures-250x226The tinctures created by Elixinol come in different sizes and different flavors as well. You can choose the blue bottles with 300 mg CBD, 3600 mg CBD or 5000 mg CBD. The last one is available only in Brazil for the moment. Both 300 mg and 3600 mg are available with natural flavor and cinnamint flavor. Promotional prices start at $29.99 for the smallest size, $249 for the medium bottles and go up to $599 for the largest one available. Many users prefer tinctures as they come equipped with a special dropper, so it is easy to control the daily dosage. They contain the same ingredients as the capsules only the CBD concentration is different.

The manufacturer suggests a daily use of half a drop under the tongue three times a day. The tincture bottles also have different sizes according to the CBD concentration, so they are available in 30 ml and 120 ml.

Elixinol CBD Versatile Tinctures

respira-versatile-CBD-Hemp-Oil-cbdhempoilusa.com-250x367Elixinol has another successful tincture brand called Respira Hemp Oil. It is only available in 15 ml white bottles, and they contain 300 mg or 600 mg of CBD. Its flavor options are natural and grape mint. On sale, it is available for $39.99 or $74.99, according to the concentration option, and the manufacturer says this is one of the newest and most advanced formula created so far for a CBD dietary supplement. This is an excellent choice for vegans as well because it uses vegetable glycerin and still contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids. This product can be used as drops under the tongue, as a liquid for vape pens or it can simply be added to foods.

Elixinol Hemp Oil Spray

elixinol-hemp-extract-spray-188x416Hemp Oil Liposomes is the name of the CBD Oil spray line created by Elixinol. There are three different CBD concentrations available for these sprays: 100 mg, 300 mg and  1000 mg, all with the Citrus Twist flavor.  The promotional prices are between $34.99 and $129. It ranks among the most requested products because it is incredibly easy to use whenever you want. Just one puff under the tongue and you can continue doing your work. The formula contains real fruit flavor and Stevia it is used instead of sugar. The ingredients are no different than for the other CBD products, so the spray brings the same health benefits capsules and tinctures do.

The daily recommended dose of this product is five puffs directly into the mouth or into a glass of water twice a day. The name of the product line lets users know that the hemp oil is pre-dissolved into microscopic liposomes which makes it easier for the body to assimilate faster a more significant amount of cannabinoids. Each serving of this spray ensures the intake of 5 mg of CBD and the small bottles last for estimated 60 servings, while the 1000 mg is enough for at least 200 servings.

Elixinol Hemp Pen

The team of specialists at Elixinol created the great X-Pen which contains 1000 mg of CBD. This is the best solution for those always on the run and who need to have within easy reach their dose of CBD. This product brings so many advantages for only $129. It is hygienic and protected because the tip can be removed and washed and it comes with a unique case which ensures longer freshness as it keeps the light away from the product. It can’t be opened accidentally, and the content spilled because it is locked and unlocked with a twist. And the most important part is the exact dosage. One click offers 15 mg of CBD.


Elixinol CBD Topical Balms

Elixinol-CBD-Topical-Balms-250x354Some people would rather avoid taking dietary supplements, but they still want the benefits of CBD for their health, so the best option for them is a topical balm. Elixinol offers a special CBD lip balm for only $7.99 and a skin balm with a promotional price of $29.99. The formula includes the whole hemp plant extract, not just an isolate and only natural ingredients like virgin andiroba oil, blue Mallie eucalyptus extract, pure ucuba butter and other. The formula is not greasy, and it is easily absorbed into the body through the skin. It is suited for all skin types and leaves a pleasant natural aroma.

The tube of skin balm has 120 ml with 125 mg of CBD, and it is a real help for people with arthritis and athletes. The lip balm tube brings 5 mg of CBD in 4.3 g of product, and it is a natural treatment for dry lips. This product also helps skin cells regenerate so your lips will look and feel better.

Elixinol Hemp Seeds and Protein Powder

Organic-Hemp-Seeds-250x313Hemp seeds are the source of CBD so including them into the daily diet is an excellent way of avoiding taking supplements. Elixinol offers for only $8.45 a pack of 250 grams of specially processed hemp seeds. When preparing the seeds, the manufacturer made sure that the heat won’t destroy any of the nutritional values of this product and it remains one of the healthiest foods options. These seeds can be added into any food you want and not change its taste as it has a subtle nutty flavor. 30 grams of these seeds are enough to ensure 10 grams of vegetable proteins and  11 grams of omega 3 and 6.

For only $19.99 you can buy 500 g of protein powder created by Elixinol which is also obtained from organic hemp.  Just like the seeds, it can be added to drinks, smoothies, breakfast or any other meal. It is an excellent source for proteins which help vegans get their daily recommended dose as there is no animal originated ingredient. One serving of this powder offers many nutritional elements like magnesium, iron and omega 3.

Elixinol Dog Treats

CBD-Hemp-Oil-Dog-Treats-250x251It seems like Elixinol didn’t forget about our best friends eighter. Their experts created a CBD supplement line dedicated to dogs. There are four different flavor choices for our furry friends: carob and coconut, peanut butter and banana, kale and carrot, blueberry and cranberry. Also, the owners can buy the products created for large breed dogs or regular size dogs and pay between $23.99 and $34.99. These treats will make sure they live longer and healthier life because the formula for these edibles is created especially for their needs. Each piece of dog treat contains 1 mg or 1.5 mg of CBD, and it was created with the implication of veterinarians. According to your dog size, the manufacturers recommend daily doses of 2 treats per day and go up to 8 pieces for very large dogs. For maximum results it better to give them these treats outside the meal.

Benefits and Side Effects of Elixinol

So what makes Elixinol a valuable player in the dietary supplements market? First of all, the manufacturer guarantees that each product is premium quality. As far as the benefits go, they are the same benefits of the main active ingredient. Medical studies conducted in the past decades revealed an impressive list of benefits for the general health. Reduced inflammation, lower intensity of pain caused by various reasons, a lower risk of seizures and strokes, better and more balanced mood, reduced depression and anxiety, cancer prevention, helps with sleep disorders, improves glaucoma, helps skin cells regenerate faster and improves its condition, boosts appetite, supports the cardiovascular system, reduces headaches are just some of the reasons why CBD should be included in the dietary habits.

When it comes to possible side effects, the list is still opened for additions, but until now the studies didn’t reveal any dangerous or severe unpleasant reactions to CBD. Elixinol uses for its products only natural ingredients which shouldn’t cause problems to the majority of people. Still, some individuals could be allergic to one or more of the ingredients. That is why before buying any dietary supplement it is essential to learn about all the ingredients. When overdosed, cases of tiredness and impaired judgment were reported. Considering that THC is not included in any of Elixinol products, there is no risk of feeling high.

Is Elixinol Worth Buying?

The price of a dietary product is pretty important for a customer, but the quality of that supplement is also crucial. These two aspects are put into balance when it comes to deciding whether you should or shouldn’t buy a certain dietary supplement. Indeed, all CBD oil supplements created by Elixinol have a price above the average, but the manufacturer ensures its users that only natural and high-quality ingredients were used. The producer is aware of this aspect and tries to offer promotions and discounts for the customers. Start by purchasing first a smaller bottle, and later invest hundreds of dollars, when you are sure you will get the desired results. The list of benefits for the health is quite impressive, while the risk of side effects is almost zero.

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